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It’s time to ask the London experts: if you have never visited London before (or not been on a trip to London for a long time), then we’re sure that you have a lot of questions. Is London expensive? What’s the weather like here? How do I get the best currency exchange rate? Why does everybody here keep saying sorry? Should I say sorry more too?!

So many questions! So, we decided to share the most commonly asked questions about visiting London with experts in each area, from London mums to LGBTQIA+ Londoners. We’re pleased to say that we’ve gathered the very best answers possible. Scroll down to discover the advice that our London experts have for you – you’ll be an amazingly informed and confident London tourist in no time.

Is London expensive?

LGBTQ+ visitors

Should I travel on London’s public transport with young children?

How to get the best currency exchange rateWhat’s the weather like in London?

London etiquette

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