Christmas Shopping in London

What makes London truly unique is the shopping experience it offers – anyone who knows this city will tell you that you have everything on offer: from high street, exclusive boutiques and retailers, to street markets that spill over with antiques, trinkets, arts and crafts, and everything in-between.

Head over to Harrods to witness the splendour of a shopping extravaganza like no other – and explore what’s on offer at the many shopping & business districts that characterise UK’s capital. Visit Piccadilly Circus, Camden Town and Leicester Square, and don’t forget Soho and Covent Garden.

Then there are markets to explore, awash with bargains and crawling with bargain hunters. These are the markets that have their name stitched into London’s amazing tapestry of time: Berwick Street Market, Borough Market, Brick Lane Market, and, of course, Notting Hill and Portobello Road Market, are just a few that are instantly recognised.

London truly has something for everyone and you are never far from a really incredible deal!

Written By : Chris Tredger

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