HMS Belfast

The Queen’s Walk

Opening Times

To 31 Oct: 10am-6pm.
To 31 Dec: 10am-5pm.

In service until 1965, it's now a reminder of Britain's naval heritage. Visitors  can take part in a simulation of the Battle of North Cape and do the Pony Express exercise (the code name given to a major drill in 1961, to rehearse amphibious landings off North Borneo) in the interactive operations room. See rooms including the bakery, the dentists office, the laundry room and the sick bay.


Once home to a crew of 950 men, HMS Belfast, part of Imperial War Museums, tells the stories of those who lived and worked on board this warship during the Second World War and beyond. Imagine sleeping in one of the tightly packed hammocks during convoy duties in icy Artic Waters, or being stationed deep in the bowels of the ship when she opened fire in support of Allied troops on D-Day. Explore none decks of amazing history, from the daily drudgery of peeling spuds in the Galley to the sights and sounds of controlling a fleet of ships in the interactive Operations Room. Hear veterans’ first-hand experiences in the Life at Sea exhibition, and discover for yourself what it would have been like to be in the midst of a battle in our thrilling Gun Turret Experience. During adverse weather, it may become necessary for certain ladders and upper decks on HMS Belfast to be closed at short notice.


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