Skating through time…

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So, if it is outdoor fun you’re after and you’re feeling adventurous, why not head over to one of the many skating arenas London has to offer.                                                      

It’s a world where the past meets the present… and it may surprise you to know that the city is home to some of the best rinks available, and these truly come alive around Christmas time!

They are located at many of the must-see spots in and around the city, famous landmarks that make up the UK’s capital.

Most of the rinks are open throughout the festive season (except for Christmas Day) and all offer amazing views, modern facilities and an atmosphere you’ll never forget.

Our list includes: -

  • Somerset House ice skating
  • Hampton Court Palace ice rink
  • Ice skating at the Tower of London
  • Winter wonderland ice skating rink
  • Canary Wharf ice rink

All of these rinks are on major travel routes into the city and prices vary.

Written By: Chris Tredger

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