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Tuesday-Saturday: 9.00-16.30
Sunday-Monday: 10.00-16.30

Enjoy free guided tours by Beefeaters (Yeoman Warders). Book ahead online to attend the nightly Ceremony of the Keys, which dates back to 1340 (tickets are free).

18-22 Jul:  East Wall: Storm the Tower. More than 150 performers collaborate to showcase the work of up-and-coming London choreographers in this ticketed show, which combines vocal groups, rock musicians, grime music, gospel and more, in a celebration of East London's creative powers. 7.30pm, tickets from £12 at


This iconic UNESCO World Heritage Site has almost 1000 years of intriguing tales to tell. Meet the Yeoman Warders, marvel at the fabulous finery of THE Crown Jewels and discover an unrivalled collection of royal army and armour in the iconic White Tower. Explore all the roles this impressive building has had to play throughout the centuries – from medieval palace and fortress to infamous prison and execution site.

Must See Attractions:

White Tower – The White Tower is an enduring icon of the London skyline, albeit nowadays dwarfed by, and in contrast to the modern city. This striking historic building dating back to 1075 today houses the Line of Kings, displaying royal armour, life-sized wooden horses and figures of kings throughout the centuries.

Coins and The Royal Mint – The history of English coin making at the Tower, including Sir Isaac Newton’s efforts to rid London of counterfeiters when he was warden of the Mint, and Edward I’s harsh punishments for people who tampered with his coins.

Yeoman Warders – Yeoman Warders better known as Beefeaters, entertain the thousands of visitors that come to the Tower throughout the year with their guided tours and immense knowledge of the ancient palace and fortress. 

Crown Jewels – The breath-taking world famous collection of fabulous finery and regalia – discover gloriously ornate intricately made Crown Jewels and learn how they have inspired acts of greed, violence and even spawned stories of evil curses.

Medieval Palace – Once a surprisingly comfortable royal home here you will enter the rooms of Edward I and discover life in the opulence and colour of a medieval royal residence.

The Ravens – One of the most famous sites at the Tower, legend has it that if they ever leave the Tower, the kingdom will fall. The birds all have names and very different characters, find out who’s who next to their new lodgings on the South Lawn.

Fortress and battlements – Enjoy great views over modern London and the river Thames from atop the well. Groups can explore more of the Tower’s battlements giving a sense of what it would have been like to defend the Tower against potential attackers. Along the route enjoy exhibitions highlighting aspects of the Tower’s past, including the role the Duke of Wellington played whilst Constable of the Tower.

Disabled Access

Whilst the Tower of London welcomes all visitors, this historic building has places with difficult stairs and passageways and wheelchair access is limited. There are also a large number of steps throughout the Tower with cobbles laid in some of the roads. However, the Jewel House and the Crown Jewels are fully accessible to all visitors.

Toilets: Easy ramped access is available behind the Jewel House.

Wheelchairs: A limited number of wheelchairs are available from the Welcome Centre at the main entrance to the Tower.


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