Westminster Abbey

20 DeanŠ—Ès Yard

Opening Times

Monday – Saturday : 8:30am – 3:30pm

Consecrated in 1065, this abbey is the crowning and burial site of most English monarchs. It also houses Poets' Corner, the burial place of Charles Dickens and other famous writers. 



Westminster Abbey is one of the world’s great churches, with a history stretching back over a thousand years. Every year more than a million visitors from around the world come to explore this wonderful 700-year-old building. Thousands more come to worship at the daily services which are at the heart of life at the Abbey.

The Abbey is the burial place of many great men and women in history. In the Nave is the Grave of the Unknown Warrior, honouring not only the fallen of the First World War, but also the millions who have died since in international military conflict.

In Poets’ Corner, you will be surrounded by memorials to writers including William Shakespeare, Charles Dickens, Rudyard Kipling, Jane Austen, the Bronte sisters and many others. Great scientists, musicians and politicians are also remembered in the Abbey, including Sir Isaac Newton, Charles Darwin, George Frederic Handel and Sir Winston Churchill.

Dress code: Westminster Abbey is a Church and a place of daily worship. Visitors are requested to dress modestly and that gentlemen remove their hats while in Church. 

Disabled access: The Abbey is a working church please be aware before you visit that some of the areas may be dimly lit, much of the Abbey floor and steps are uneven so sensible footwear is advised also that there is low doorway access to some chapels.

Some areas of the Abbey are unavoidably inaccessible to people permanently confined to wheelchairs. Visitors should enter via the North Door, where there is a small ramped step.

Abbey closures due to Special Services:

March 2019

Saturday 9th: closed

Monday 11th: full closure due to Commonwealth service

Thursday 14 March: closed in the morning, open from 1.00pm to 3.00pm

Wednesday 20th: open from 9.30am until 12.00pm, closed in the afternoon.  Multimedia guides available for morning visits.

Thursday 21st: 09.30 until 13.00, closed in the afternoon. Restricted visitor route in the morning, meaning no multimedia guides.  

Westminster Abbey is a working church and subject to occasional closures due to Special Services.

April 2019

Tuesday 16th: 09.30-13.00   

Friday 19 Good Friday the Abbey is closed all day to visitors. 

Thursday 25 April (Anzac Day) open from 14.00


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