5 reasons to visit The Vaults

The Vault Festival 2019 is back, running from 23 January until 17 March. Offering huge variety across comedy, cabaret, innovative theatre and fun events, it’s a hot ticket. Read about the entertainment festival and watch our video guide below. 

The Vaults is a maze of graffiti-splattered tunnels beneath Waterloo Station. Past productions here include Alice’s Adventures Underground and Dinner at the Twits. On previous visits, we’ve eaten glow-in-the-dark soup and even played croquet with flamingos.
The Vaults underground theatre Waterloo London united kingdom
There are productions and events at The Vaults all year round, but during the Vault Festival, this large, multi-roomed space is brimming with all sorts of shows and spectacles. Like Edinburgh’s Fringe Festival, Vaults Festival presents innovative work at reasonable prices, so you could watch two or three shows on one visit.
The Vaults underground theatre Waterloo London united kingdom auditorium
For the next seven weeks, the Vault Festival will host around 350 shows, some for just one or two nights, others for a few weeks. Here are a few of this year’s longer-running shows to look out for: 

Séance, 23 Jan to 17 Mar: This short, intimate performance promises to terrify; 20 mins, £7.50. 

Counting Sheep, 23 Jan to 17 Mar: Described as a ‘Guerrilla Folk Opera’, this show is about the 2014 Kiev Uprising; 90 mins, £26.50. 

Cabaret Sauvignon and a Single Vault Whiskey, 24 Jan to 8 Mar: A collection of London’s top musical comedy acts, presented by London duo Stiff & Kitsch; 60 mins, £12.

Comedy Club for Kids, 26 Jan to 9 Mar: Aimed at children aged six and over, this is a chance for families to enjoy stand-up and sketch comedy together; 60 mins, £12.

Watch 5 Reasons to Visit the Vaults: 

The Vaults’ main entrance is on Leake Street, SE1 7NN
020 7401 9603 | [email protected] 

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