A Firestarter

Do you know where the Beauxbatons Academy and Durmstrang Institute are? If you are a Harry Potter fan, then we would imagine that you’ve just shouted, “Triwizard Tournament!” Stay excited because a Potter artefact is coming to London: the Goblet of Fire is on show at Warner Bros. Studio Tour (to 23 September). Recreating scenes from the movie, the Goblet Of Fire propels pieces of parchment into the air, with experts on hand to demonstrate and explain how the effect was created.

Carved from a single block of wood, the goblet is part of a display of props and costumes used for the Triwizard  Tournament. The studio tour includes Hagrid’s Hut and Diagon Alley. By the way, if you knew that France is where you’d find the Beauxbatons Academy and that the Durmstrang Institute is somewhere around Russia, then well done – we bet you’ve booked your tickets already.

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