Where to see some of the best Christmas lights in London

The days are getting shorter but the streets of London remain light-filled as spectacular Christmas lights are switched on throughout the city, signalling the beginning of the festive season. In addition to the show-stopping displays, some of the best Christmas lights in London this year also feature environmentally-friendly and charitable initiatives! Check them out below.  

Oxford Street

Oxford Street’s world-famous Christmas lights display will switch on from Thursday 21 November 2019, and this year marks the iconic shopping street’s 60th year of  putting on a festive light show. To celebrate, Oxford Street is set to unveil a brand new digital display that features 27 LED light curtains spanning the length of the street, made up of 220,000 lights. This new display uses the latest LED technology and is set to provide energy savings of up to 90% against traditional lighting!
As well as the huge unveiling of the Christmas lights on the night, shops up and down Oxford Street will be celebrating too with live in-store music performances and one-night only special offers.

Some of the best Christmas lights in London

Carnaby Street

Carnaby Street has partnered with environmental awareness group Project Zero to create this year’s 100% sustainable light display. The striking ocean-themed installation over the lively street has been designed to raise awareness about the need for ocean conservation against threats like climate change, overfishing and pollution. The installation takes visitors on a journey through the floating kelp forest, through bright pink coral and to the deep sea.

Some of the best Christmas lights in London

Seven Dials

The light display at Seven Dials always looks spectacular, and this year they’ve upped the ante by also making it interactive and charitable. A charity ‘tap’ point has been installed on Earlham Street, where visitors to the light display can tap their banks cards to automatically donate £3 to Seven Dials’ partner Shelter, a housing and homelessness organisation. Every time someone donates, stars at each entrance to Seven Dials will illuminate.

Some of the best Christmas lights in London

Regent Street

Don’t miss Regent Street’s monumentally elegant lights: these look best if you take a photograph from the pedestrian reservation that runs down the middle of the road.

Some of the best Christmas lights in London

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