Big the Musical at the Dominion Theatre

The West End premiere of Big the Musical at the Dominion Theatre (from 6 Sep) will no doubt make a big impression on adults and kids alike. The new production is based on the 1988 comedy which starred Tom Hanks as 12-year-old Josh, who can’t wait to be big so he can ride roller coasters and date an older girl.

Director Morgan Young says: ‘When I was a child, I wished I was grown up. Like Josh, all kids wish they were old enough to go to a funfair or the pictures without their mum and dad.’ When a funfair machine grants Josh’s wish, he’s left trapped in an adult’s body. Rejected by his mum, he lands a job at a toy company, where his knowledge and enthusiasm for games impresses his boss, while a particular colleague finds his childlike innocence charming.

The stage production has a cast of familiar faces. Jay McGuiness from boy band The Wanted – who won TV’s Strictly Come Dancing and performed in the West End’s Rip It Up: The 60s – takes the lead, while young Josh is played by three boys.

Meanwhile, Wendi Peters (TV’s Coronation Street, Bad Girls) plays Josh’s mother and Kimberley Walsh from Girls Aloud and Strictly Come Dancing stars as his girlfriend Susan. Josh’s boss George is played by Matthew Kelly, who is best known for presenting TV’s Stars in their Eyes, but he’s also an Olivier Award-winning actor who’s performed at Shakespeare’s Globe.

Young adds: ‘The story follows the film closely, including the scene with Josh playing on piano keys on the floor – which is one of the most iconic scenes in movie history. We’ve stayed true to the era of the ’80s. For many it will be a journey of reminiscence – remember Silly String, space hoppers, Chopper bikes and Barbies?’ Expect songs from the decade’s hit movies, Broadway musicals and Barbra Streisand.

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Images courtesy of Alistair Muir

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