Menorah Lighting Ceremony at Chanukah in the Square

A 2,500-year-old miracle is remembered in Trafalgar Square every year: Chanukah (also called Hanukkah) is the Jewish festival of lights and is celebrated by lighting a menorah every night. Trafalgar Square will be home to a huge menorah and its nine candles will be illuminated during Chanukah.

Join London’s Jewish community to celebrate Chanukah in the Square on Sunday 22 December from 2.30pm to 4.30pm. This fun event will include live music, dancing and food – we hear that there’ll be lots of free doughnuts, too.

If you miss the Chanukah event on the Sunday, you can still see the Trafalgar Square menorah lit every evening until Thursday 26 December.

While you’re in Trafalgar Square, don’t miss the chance to investigate Michael Rakowitz’s Lamassu sculpture on the Fourth Plinth.

Find out more about Chanukah in the Square at or check the Jewish Leadership Council on Twitter.

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