Visiting Chelsea FC stadium with kids

Chelsea FC has a new, self-guided multimedia tour of its ground, so we sent 12-year-old Reuven Levine to Stamford Bridge to try it out.

Seeing Stamford Bridge’s pitch for the first time when you’re actually standing next to it was very surprising, as it was much bigger than I’d expected. I’d only seen it on TV before. I’d love to play on this pitch one day!

We went into the press room where they have a press conference after a match. I sat at the table and thought about all the amazing players who have sat there, like Lampard, Zola and Drogba – they would have signed their contracts here too. And I thought about the managers facing around 200 journalists – that must be so much pressure!

The home dressing room is really spacious and open plan and it looks good for team building. All the players are grouped together depending on what nationality they are and what language they speak – for example, Spanish, English and Portuguese. I think that’s smart, so people can interact better. The away dressing room is much smaller, with not much equipment in it. I found the difference really interesting.

The guide told us how the club used to make the away changing room more uncomfortable for the team – like they made it too hot – but then they found that it made the away team more angry and they would play better! It makes you realise it’s just another way of giving the home side an advantage. I loved the away dressing room, because it had some iconic players’ shirts including Messi, Henry and Ronaldinho.


When we were standing in the players’ tunnel, they played the same music that the Chelsea players run out to (the 1969 reggae instrumental, Liquidator). You could really imagine the fans in the stadium waiting to cheer when the players got on the pitch. You can almost hear them.

I like the new self-guided tours because you can do it at your own pace and take your time and look around. There is also a guide at each point, so you can ask questions to find out even more.

Chelsea FC Stadium Tour & Museum
Stamford Bridge, Fulham Rd, SW6 1HS
0371 811 1955 |

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