Review: Dinner is Coming at The Vaults

If you’ve been left devastated by the end of Game of Thrones, you can reminisce about the good times at Dinner is Coming, an (unofficial) GoT immersive experience at The Vaults theatre in Waterloo. Tim Benton tied up his direwolf outside and headed in for dinner… 

Upon entering the Vaults, we were transported into Kingstanding, home of the Wooden Throne, in which the suitably obnoxious Prince Jaffery waved us in with his crossbow and presented his soon-to-be bride, the sweet Margarine. As we were told that we had been invited to the Royal Wedding feast, intriguing cocktails such as Milk of the Poppy and Two-Eyed Pigeon were offered.
Dinner is Coming The Vaults Waterloo London Game of Thrones immersive theatre
In the banqueting hall, we were treated to an impressive feast consisting of Wildfire Buillon (an appropriately vivid green asparagus and pea-based starter), followed by crispy chicken wings, a gorgeously slow-cooked lamb shoulder and beautifully cooked accompaniments (vegetarian options are available). During this culinary treat, the drinks flowed and more characters emerged, each with a claim to the Wooden Throne – but who is the rightful heir? We were asked to help decide by wearing their house colours on a wristband, which we could change as the plot thickened.

Finally, we were ushered back into the throne room to find out who would be crowned ruler of the Several Kingdoms, with the promise of another glass of wine to those who had backed the true ruler.
Dinner is Coming The Vaults Waterloo London Game of Thrones immersive theatre
Without revealing too many spoilers (Game of Thrones fans hate those), the evening’s events unfold with the same kind of twists, turns and treachery that viewers of the show will be used to. It’s a fast-paced and hilarious parody, with many in-jokes for serious fans, while still being a thoroughly satisfying experience for anyone who simply has a wicked sense of humour.
Dinner is Coming The Vaults Waterloo London Game of Thrones immersive theatre
I left with a huge smile on my face, a full stomach and a great deal of admiration for the cast, who struck the perfect tone for the humour and executed the whole night perfectly. Dinner is Coming is by far the best immersive dining experience that I have been to and, with six performances a week until mid-July, it’s a great way to celebrate Games of Thrones.

Dinner is Coming is at The Vaults until 14 Jul 2019
Tue-Sun 6.45pm | £35-£55 per person
The Vaults’ main entrance is on Leake St, SE1 7NN
020 7401 9603 | [email protected] 

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