Review: Dinosaurs in the Wild

This hair-raising, temporary attraction is designed for a family to enjoy together and combines live action, 3D effects and interactive sets. We sent London Planner’s Neil Simpson along to try it out – scroll on to read his review. 

I’ll admit that when I first read about Dinosaurs in the Wild, I was not impressed. An immersive, family-friendly experience where you’ll go back in time to visit dinosaurs – in a big warehouse in Greenwich? It sounded like a recipe for boredom.

90 minutes after arriving at Dinosaurs in the Wild however, I was proved entirely wrong. I’m describing my negative expectations so that, hopefully, you’ll believe me when I say it’s completely brilliant.
dinosaurs in the wild greenwich peninsula London
The show moves visitors through a series of rooms, accompanied by an actor the whole time, who plays the part of a member of staff at the TimeBase67 facility (above). You begin by ‘going back in time’ as you take a seat in the Chronotex X90 (a special, time-travelling vehicle) and the walls and floor shake around you.
purgatorius at dinosaurs in the wild greenwich peninsula London
Once you arrive in the Cretaceous period, what follows is a tour of the TimeBase67 with your guide. It’s a slick, entertaining and clever mix of acting, 3D special effects (you look through the ‘windows’ while wearing 3D glasses to see the dinosaurs outside), animatronic models and interactive sets (above).

Just like Jurassic Park, it’s not long before things start to go very, very wrong, and soon the actors are running and shouting at you to follow them to safety.

To say more would be to ruin the story, but I was with a large group of adults and we all had a brilliant time. The kids around us were thrilled, making this is an ideal family outing which is worth the money.

dinosaurs in the wild greenwich peninsula london
Dinosaurs in the Wild is open during the day from Wednesdays to Mondays and will close permanently at the end of the summer – the last bookable day is Sunday 2 September. Read our Dinosaurs in the Wild listing for full details and to book tickets (from £17.50).

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