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Peckham is a London neighbourhood that lets you get a true taste of what life is like in the capital. It’s fun, artistically varied, quirky and never boring. You can grab the best jollof rice, visit cool venues, see amazing art on the street and in galleries, and dance the night away on a rooftop while watching the sunset, or indeed sunrise, over the city. Peckham has always been a cultural melting pot. It is inclusive, accepting and constantly evolving.

A favourite with locals, Peckham Refreshment Rooms is one of the area’s best spots for breakfast, lunch and dinner – and great for brunch. We started off with cakes and coffee, before deciding we couldn’t resist the menu and dived right into bubble and squeak with mushrooms.

British food
Possibly one of London’s most famous gaffs for pie, mash and liquor is M. Manze on the High Street – you should definitely stop here for a plateful of jellied eels, a real Cockney favourite. Or you could try pie and mash, with a bit of gravy or liquor (parsley sauce) on the side. One of the oldest restaurants in the area, it opened in 1927 and has been run by the same family for all those years.

Street art
Peckham is quickly gaining a reputation for being a creative hub. The historic Bussey Building – a former cricket bat factory – is home to music, club nights, art, film, theatre, workshops and dance events. While strolling around Rye Lane, look out for local artists’ work gracing the walls. If street art isn’t your thing, then pop into MOCA London or the Copeland Gallery to see contemporary art.

Peckhamplex is one of London’s most popular independent cinemas and, with a ticket costing just £4.99, it’s easy to see why. You’d think that at that price, you’d only get films that you’ve never heard of, but you’d be wrong. It screens blockbusters and independent films, so you won’t be stuck for choice.

Peckham Levels
Peckham Levels is set in a converted multi-storey car park that’s filled with eateries and artistic spaces. Pop into West for the best brownies and natural wines; Near & Far for its epic cocktails; Lords of Poké to build your own poké bowl; and Nandine for tasty Kurdish food. Peckham Levels is the perfect place to start a night out in town.

Rooftop bar
Frank’s was one of those places in Peckham we discovered by accident. We were lost on our way to meet up with friends for a drink, then spotted the iconic pink stairs of Frank’s and the rest is history. But what is it? Well, Frank’s is a rooftop bar atop an old industrial building with fantastic views across London. It’s open in the summer and is loved by locals.

One spot worth visiting is the Brick Brewery. This passion project grew out of owner Ian Stewart’s love for all things hops. Head to its Tap Room to try out the beers, see the brewery and enjoy Slow Richie’s burgers and barbecue dishes.
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