Theatre review: Everybody’s Talking About Jamie

In November, we interviewed West End legend Elaine Paige, who admitted that ‘there could be more new material in musical theatre – it is one of the most difficult genres to pull off and producers don’t want to risk hundreds of thousands of pounds.’ Luckily for London, the producers of Everybody’s Talking About Jamie were willing to take that risk with this original show.

The story is based on the true tale of Jamie Campbell, a 16-year-old Country Durham schoolboy who dreamt of becoming a drag queen. The real Jamie was eventually the star of a BBC documentary about his struggle to achieve his dreams, with this musical following. It all sounds a bit like a (very modern) fairytale, so the fact that the whole story really happened, just a few years ago, adds an extra-special element to the show.

Written by Tom MacRae and with music from Dan Gillespie Sells (the leader singer for British band The Feeling), Jamie sparkles with energy, wit and one catchy song after another. If you’re a fan of classic musical theatre, you’ll revel in the show’s exuberance, while the sheer talent of the cast ensures that there is substance beneath all of the glitter and makeup. For daring to be original and tackling important, life-affirming themes, Everybody’s Talking About Jamie deserves to be a success.

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