How to get a table at Brasserie of Light, Selfridges

Do you ever arrive back home from a trip and discover that you’ve missed some of the must-do activities that your friends are asking you about? That sinking feeling is FOMO: the Fear of Missing Out. London is the HQ of FOMO, because it’s filled with people who refuse to miss out and will beat you to it. You don’t want to be in the dark about Brasserie of Light, the restaurant and bar that will dazzle you. Neil Simpson tells us how to get a table…

This newcomer at Selfridges is from the company behind some of the capital’s greatest restaurants: The Ivy, J Sheekey and Scott’s. Inside is a colossal, crystal-encrusted Pegasus by Damien Hirst. The sculpture, alongside a glittering interior of mirror shards and sparkling surfaces, make it a must.

brasserie of light restaurant bar selfridges london oxford street damien hirst
Despite that, I booked a table for five on a Sunday evening when it launched; a friend also booked a big table with no problem a few weeks later. It’s open from breakfast until the evening – as long as you book, you’ll be fine. It isn’t horribly expensive, which makes it even more remarkable.
Selfridges, 400 Oxford St, W1A 1AB
020 3940 9600

Step out of Selfridges and on to famous Oxford Street, one of London’s greatest shopping streets

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