Interview: Glen Matlock from the Sex Pistols

Born in London’s Paddington area, Glen Matlock was the bass guitarist for the Sex Pistols. These days, he lives near Paddington in Little Venice, so we asked this true Londoner for his best city tips – check out Glen in action in our video. 

Which are your favourite London music venues? 
Where we are now was my favourite [we filmed Glen at the music-orientated bar and restaurant, 100 Wardour St, formerly legendary gig venue Marquee Club]. I saw many bands here.  We also played here with the Sex Pistols, but we got banned – John [aka Johnny Rotten] had a pencil and he was trying to pierce the speakers on the onstage monitor.

I like the 100 Club very much: it’s been going since 1947 and owned by the same family. Every ten years they take the pictures off the wall, paint it the same shade of orange and put the pictures back. 
Which is your favourite building? 
I’m a fan of classic buildings. I walked past Liberty on the way here. I always like having a rummage round there – I never buy nothing. I like the way the floor squeaks. Someone told me it was built with wood from the HMS Victory

Which are your favourite museums and galleries? 
I like the National Portrait Gallery. It has my all-time favourite picture in there by Wyndham Lewis as a tyro – a self-portrait he made for a magazine called Blast. Tyro means learner. 

Which shops do you like going to? 
I’m not that big on department stores, but John Lewis is handy. It’s right by the Bakerloo line – so I can get in and out quickly. Markets… Portobello Road is kind of cool, and Golborne Road. 

Favourite green spaces? 
I like Holland Park. That’s beautiful. I think we are blessed with that. Regent’s Park! They are my two top ones in the centre of London. 
Beigel Bake Bagel Shop Brick Lane Shoreditch London United Kingdom
Is there a place that holds a special memory for you? 
At the top of Brick Lane, there’s the 24-hour beigel shop []. If I’m doing something at The O2, I make a point of coming back that way, driving up Brick Lane, and about 2am in the morning having a cup of tea and a smoked salmon beigel. You see all sorts there, it’s very interesting! 
Bar Italia Soho London United Kingdom
Where do you like to have a drink in London? 
I’m not drinking these days. I am an aficionado of quite a few coffee bars though. I think you can’t beat sitting outside Bar Italia in Soho and watching the world go by. 
The Wolseley patisserie trolley Corbin & King London restaurant
What are your favourite restaurants? 
The Wolseley is good [above]! There is a local one near me, Red Pepper: very good modern Italian. I did go to one in Leather Lane, many years ago – Moro [on Exmouth Market]. I had the most fantastic, ice-cold almond soup. 
Glen Matlock good to go packshot
Tell us about your new album
I recorded it in upstate New York with some American friends of mine – Slim Jim Phantom from the Stray Cats and Al Slick, who used to work with David Bowie. It’s a bit of a departure for me – it’s got a rockabilly, skiffle vibe with hopefully some good songs in there and some fantastic playing – I’m pleased with it. 

Glen Matlock’s new album Good to Go is released 24 August |

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