Kickstart your summer in Greenwich

I think we can all agree that June marks the start of summer proper, with long days, warm sunny evenings and the prospect of some beautiful experiences and excursions. Lets get things started with an afternoon at The Great British Seaside. This beautiful exhibition at the National Maritime Museum features more than 100 beach photographs by four talented photographers – Tony Ray-Jones, David Hurn and Simon Roberts as well as new work by Martin Parr. These popular British photographers share a love of the seaside, from the abandoned piers to the dazzling arcades and charismatic characters.

At Dinosaurs in the Wild you’ll come face to face with the most awsome creatures to ever live and visit an incredible research station where scientists are studying dinosaurs in their natural habitat. You’ll see dinosaur families, dinosaur babies hatching and all the drama of dinosaur daily life.

Step forward a few millennia into Eltham Palace and Gardens to a Grand Medievil Joust, where knights in shining armour will be pointing their lances at each other with a steely glint in their eyes. Choose your champion from four of the most masterful knights in the kingdom, each mounted on magnificent steeds and glittering with grit and determination.  Its amazing display of pageantry, chilvalry and pure action in the grounds of the stunning Tudor palace where King Henry VIII grew up.

Over in Greenwich Market it’s time to fluff up your napkin and feast at fabulous Summer Loving, a Friday-night street-food festival. There’s a bar, of course, disco and soul music,vintage gear and a sensational spread of street food from all over the world, with organic and vegan options, plus glorious cakes adn sweets. At the end of the month, the most amazing festival of outdoor arts and entertainment comes to the streets of Greenwich once again.

Greenwich and Docklands International Festival opens with Fly by Night, when 1,500 trained pigeons soar into the skies above the River Thames in a glorious spectacle of scale and beauty. It’s the sort of event that makes this annual Greenwich festival the envy of the world.

Jousting © English Heritage, Greenwich Market © Robert Greshoff

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