Monet & Architecture Opens at The National Gallery

For the first time in over 20 years, an exhibition entirely dedicated to Claude Monet is on display at The National Gallery. Monet & Architecture is open from 9 April to 29 July and explores the love affair the famous French painter had with buildings within landscapes.

Mainly known for his classic impressionist style, Monet & Architecture digs deeper to understand how the artist used edifices to add an element of dynamism and regularity into the fleeting irregularity of nature.

Broken into sections, the exhibition opens with the works of a young Monet. Starting with paintings of humble cottages nestled in luscious landscapes, visitors explore how Monet utilised buildings to understand how they functioned within the natural world, how he captured the ever-changing modern era in his work and how buildings can add an underlying human element to an otherwise empty landscape image. Walking through the display, visitors will go on an architectural journey through London, Normandy, the Parisian suburbs, Rouen, Venice and the Netherlands.

By the time you reach the final section, you’ll understand Monet’s transformation into a seasoned painter. This section demonstrates how, by the peak of his career, Monet began to incorporate more architecturally difficult structures into more dynamic, modern settings – like the view of London’s very own Parliament from Charing Cross Bridge.

An exhibition dedicated to Monet, however, wouldn’t be complete without an image of his beloved water lilies. Catch a glimpse of Monet’s Giverny garden in The Water-Lily Pond hidden within the show.

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Image credit: © Columbus Museum of Art. Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur J. Kobacker 1981.015.

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