Review: Pirates of The Hidden Spirit Cocktail Experience

Did you know that the first English ship to circumnavigate the globe (1577-1580) was The Golden Hinde? Did you also know that a 1974 replica of it exists today, in a dry dock near London Bridge Station? Well, the ship is now home to Pirates of The Hidden Spirit, where all your pirate-y dreams will come true. We sent our swashbuckling writer Flora Neighbour to try the pirate’s life. 

The story for the evening goes that, many years ago, more than $2million in gold and silver was dumped at sea. The crew of The Hidden Spirit has unearthed the treasures and the commanding governor is ready to sail home with the swag. We were invited to join Captain Jack Cassidy and his crew as they plotted to steal the gold for themselves.
pirates of the hidden spirit cocktail experience london bridge the golden hinde
As we boarded The Golden Hinde, we were greeted by two shipmates (looking suspiciously pirate-like). After leaving our belongings in a cloakroom we were given a hat and jacket to wear, then guided inside to meet the governor. He spoke of the treasure and how we were to set sail to find it, then hand it to his superiors. We then crawled – and I mean crawled, as the beams are very low in the mid-section of the ship – to meet Captain Jack.

Captain Jack Cassidy explained that he and his shipmates were planning to keep the gold once ashore. As a sort of agreement, we enjoyed a rum cocktail before heading down to the bottom of the ship to enjoy two more cocktails and a one-on-one with Jack about how we deserved the treasure. After an hour or so of fun and games with the other pirates, one drunken shipmate ruined our plans and a mutiny began…
pirates of the hidden spirit cocktail experience london bridge the golden hinde
Pirates of The Hidden Spirit is a sure-fire way to channel your inner bandit. It’s a fantastic, immersive night for adults looking for something different – and it’s good value for money too. Our drinks were great and quite strong but there’s no food, so eat before you go. This time, do drink the rum! 
The Golden Hinde, St Mary Overie Dock, Cathedral St, SE1 9DG
020 3109 0477 | [email protected] 
Thur-Sat 5.30pm-11.30pm
£34.99 per person (three cocktails and 100 minutes on board the ship) 

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Prices and opening times correct at time of publishing 

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