Visiting Séance at The London Dungeon

The London Dungeon is on a mission to terrify your children this half-term with its latest attraction, Séance, which is open until this Sunday. We sent our bravest writer Anna along with her own kids to test it out.

If you want to give your kids a history lesson and scare them a bit (actually, a lot) at the same time, make your way to the London Dungeon on the South Bank: the new, immersive Séance experience is bound to send a shiver down their spines.
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We entered the Victorian parlour room of sinister medium Agnes Guppy, with a ouija board laid out on the table in front of her, to watch as she summoned dead spirits. There were a few shocks and surprises, as well as a real sense of that time in Victorian England, when many people believed in clairvoyance and the supernatural.

As well as the thoroughly spooky Séance, the Dungeon took us on a gruesome, macabre and often funny journey through London’s terrifying past. We enjoyed the immersive sets, where the actors there really played their parts with enthusiasm. We climbed aboard a boat and sailed through Traitors Gate to experience the brutality of Henry VIII’s London, complete with stinky sewage and scuttling rats which really made me feel as though we had travelled back in time. Next, we learned all about life in the 1600s – when being tortured for small crimes was common – and the horror of the Great Plague was brought to life.

All in all The London Dungeon is a great day out, if you don’t mind a bit of blood, guts and a good old-fashioned scare!

Séance is running for a limited time only until Sunday 3rd June, so book tickets to Séance and The London Dungeon here. For more inspiration, read our article family-friendly London ideas for May half-term.

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