Victorian Giants: The Birth of Art Photography

Go along to The National Portrait Gallery and be inspired by the brilliance of photographers of yesteryear.

The exhibition looks at four of the most-celebrated figures in art photography, Lewis Carroll (1832-98), Julia Margaret Cameron (1815-79), Oscar Rejlander (1813-75) and Lady Clemintina Hawaerden (1822-65).

Here you can see first-hand the relationship between the artists and their work. Having trained briefly under Rejlander, Carroll, Cameron and Hawarden all maintained a lasting association with each other, sharing ideas, techniques and lessons learned. Through this experience, they became the true giants in Victorian Photography.


The exhibition is a testament to their knowledge and the artistic practice of the era. See Rejlander’s famous Two Ways of Life (1856-7), using several different negatives to create a single final image.

See also Lewis Carroll’s photographs of Alice Liddell, his muse for Alice In Wonderland, as well as photos of her in later life.

This is one exhibition not to be missed – especially if you are a keen photographer.


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