Review: The Crystal Maze Live Experience

Do you ever watch TV game shows and think you could do better? Well, now you can: The Crystal Maze, which was a British hit in the ‘90s, has been transformed into an immersive experience that’s now open in Piccadilly Circus. Read about Team London Planner’s visit to The Crystal Maze Live Experience here.

Double the size of the previous site in Angel (a big success in 2016), the new location boasts a Maze Bar, 32 games and capacity for triple the number of visitors (including children aged 13 and above). If you’re a fan of the show, you’ll love the faithful detail applied to everything. Have no idea what The Crystal Maze is? Don’t worry; it’s still brilliant fun.

Our team of four was combined with four others who we didn’t know, but our mad ‘Maze Master’ was really good at making us all feel comfortable and welcome (if you book with a group of fewer than eight, your team will probably contain a few people who you don’t know). Our Maze Master was a riot, full of infectious enthusiasm and wearing an outfit that was a cross between Ziggy Stardust and Edina from Absolutely Fabulous.
The crystal maze live experience review shaftesbury avenue piccadilly circus London immersive aztec zone
We don’t want to describe too many details because it’ll ruin all the surprises, but it is truly like being on the TV show: the game area is divided into themed zones (Aztec, Medieval, Space, etc.) and you run between each, crawling through tunnels and down step ladders. We tried approximately three challenges in each zone and everybody undertook two challenges each. These are either Mental, Physical or Mystery tasks, which each take place in a little room. Your team can watch and help you through windows, but you must complete your challenge before the time expires to win a crystal. One of our Mental challenges was to read messages written using emojis and try to work out what each meant, while one (very!) Physical challenge involved scampering around a child’s soft-play park to collect special power packs. It’s high-energy entertainment and you never know what’s coming next.
The crystal maze live experience review shaftesbury avenue piccadilly circus London immersive dome
The grand finale is the very, very silly Crystal Dome (above). Everybody climbs inside, the door closes and the clock starts, then you have to collect shiny tokens that are being blown around by fans. Every crystal that your team won in the maze grants you five seconds in the Crystal Dome, but whether you’ve got 15 seconds or 70, it’s almost impossible to catch these slippery bits of silver plastic.

Like everything about The Crystal Maze Live Experience, the Crystal Dome is flashy, challenging, slightly inconsequential and – most importantly – huge fun.

The Crystal Maze Live Experience
Mon-Fri from 1pm; Sat-Sun from 9am | From £49.99 per person 
22-32 Shaftesbury Ave, W1D 7EU | 0161 791 0727 | [email protected] 
Prices and times correct at time of publishing 

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