Review: Up at the O2 in Greenwich

Calling all thrill seekers: have you climbed The O2 yet? Self-proclaimed scaredy-cat Flora Neighbour reaches the summit and lives to tell the tale.

Up at The O2 is a 90-minute climb over the roof of Greenwich’s massive entertainment venue. Choose from a day, sunset, or twilight climb (all from £36) and see panoramic views of the east of London, including Canary Wharf, Royal Victoria Docks and the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. 

Choosing the twilight option, I arrived at the reception (you won’t miss it) just as the sun was setting, framing the dome in a deep-orange glow. I was guided into a small room with benches to join my group of climbers, where we watched a short video about the backstory of the company and The O2. 

Up at the O2

Next, the serious stuff. Our guide carefully took us through the process of putting our equipment on and attaching our harnesses to our (VERY flattering) jumpsuits. My heart rate began to pick up and my palms felt clammy, but I was determined to face my fear of heights.

With the night sky blanketing the whole of London, we clipped our harnesses to the walk way and started to climb. Instructed not to bounce, it feels like you’re on a gigantic bouncy castle, wobbling up a fairly steep incline. Despite this, however, I didn’t feel nervous or worried about how high I was. I felt secure and you can’t see how high up you are until you get to the top anyway. Plus, I had another six smiling faces behind me to break my fall.

Up at the O2

Reaching the summit, we were greeted by the 360-degree view and stars twinkling in the night sky, as promised. The wind was a little stronger at the top, but I still felt very safe. We unclipped our harnesses and got our phones out for those all-important selfies, against a backdrop of city lights. It was pretty impressive and fun pointing out all of the landmarks we recognised from 50m up. Some of my fellow climbers upgraded their tickets and enjoyed Champagne while taking in the views. If you haven’t upgraded and you decide you want a glass of fizz as you reach the peak, they stock enough bottles for you to pay afterwards. 

Ten minutes later and a wobbly, Laurel and Hardy-esque waddle back down, we were back at ground level, all with rather large grins on our faces. I would highly recommend tackling Up at The O2, even if you are nervous of heights. It’s an incredible way to see the capital and I’m definitely signing up for a day climb next.

Peninsula Square, Greenwich, SE10 0DX | 020-8463 2680

Prices and times correct at time of publishing

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