Waves Of Nostalgia

Are you partial to a spot of nautical glamour? Then don’t miss the Victoria and Albert Museum’s new exhibition, Ocean Liners: Speed and Style.

It raises a crystal glass to the luxuary and sheer drama of the cruise liner’s golden age. The exhibition reveals how these vast liners became a symbol of national ingenuity, as countries competed to out-engineer each other.

Fashionistas can drift away on a wave of nostalgia with Marlene Dietrich’s Christian Dior suit, worn in 1950 by the movie star as she disembarked the MS Queen Elizabeth in New York. And don’t miss the 1925 silk flapper dress worn by New York socialite Emilie Grigsby.

There’s tragedy, too: 1909 Cartier tiara encrusted with diamond and pearls was worn by Lady Allan, the wife of a steamship company chairman, during the final voyage of the Lusitania in 1915. The ship was sent to the bottom of the sea by a German torpedo – Lady Allan survived by her daughters died.

You can see the largest remaining fragment of the doomed Titanic – a Louix XV – style Rococo panel found in the Atlantic, it was torn from the first-class lounge as the ship split in half in 1912.

It seems that the glamour of the age still captures our imagination.

From 3rd Feb:
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